The Virtual Choir Studio


Global company Lycored wanted to celebrate their annual 'Heart & Soil' day through singing and engage their global workforce through the project


This project:

- multiple online singing / well being sessions to engage employees and teach the chosen song

- one 'big zoom' workshop for wider company family & stakerholders

- planning & production of a virtual choir video to share with network/outside world

(4-6 weeks from planning to delivery) 

London based men's choir Chaps Choir sing Ron Sexsmith's Gold In Them

Hills - a song about hope and a new day. Whilst Chaps Choir weren't able 
to meet for most of 2020, we produced this video to see us through and

share our singing with the world

Lycored - 'Heart & Soil' Day
Bring your voices together online


The Virtual Choir Studio brings people together online to sing. TVCS can provide help from concept to delivery of virtual choir projects as well as facilitated online sessions. Whether you're a community choir, school chorus or company wanting to connect your employees together TVCS can help. See what we're been up to here  

London based men's community Bellow Fellows sing the King/Goffin classic
'Will You Love Me Tomorrow'?. Each part was captured using the singers' smart-phones whilst locked down in summer 2020. 

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Chaps Choir
Bellow Fellows

well being boost
fun light-hearted activities
accessible & inclusive  
 bringing together your global workforce!

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